Online Courses at The BLS Academy

With the BLS Online Courses, you will be given the necessary tools to improve your body language, gain confidence, and learn to create videos for your business with video training, templates, and daily practices.

Body Language Success Online Courses

Body Language Success Course #1

Posture, breath, and your energy level is an unspoken nonverbal cue of your social status, your personality, and the confidence you have in what you do.

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Body Language Success Course #2

Show competence with grace and poise through the training and the execution of fluidity in your body, speech patterns and projection, and energy levels.

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Body Language Success Course #3

Create trust with training in how to have an inviting presence and show being open to others with your body gestures to portray trust and being trustworthy.

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Body Language Success Course #4

Learn to express and be more approachable with training in what facial expressions and emotions show clarity that naturally draws your audience in during conversations.

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Video Marketing for Business Online Course

Videos have always been king in marketing to make your business thrive but now it is KEY to make your business SURVIVE in this virtual business landscape. 

Go through my 10-week Video Marketing class to learn how to create your own Video Marketing Plan and get tips on how to make videos to expand the reach of your brand and attract more business.

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